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    The Hanako Plaza

    Keisuke Hanako
    Keisuke Hanako

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    The Hanako Plaza Empty The Hanako Plaza

    Post by Keisuke Hanako on Sun Feb 09, 2014 5:19 am

    The Hanako Plaza 2DosDSM
    The Hanako Plaza, 10,000 square meters of infrastructure, holder of the most notorious luxury businesses, which includes a bank, a casino, bars and lounges. The project was started by Mr. Keisuke Hanako, a known Japanese investor within the international community, who wanted to consolidate in one place, a conglomerate of most important businesses around San Andreas, with the aim of creating a more comprehensive shopping center for said businesses. With a design inspired in the well known Market Mall, and the lushness of the VIP Club, the Hanako Plaza will mix the very best of them, and will appeal to every class.

    It is one of the largest chains of malls in San Andreas today. Every commercial centre in the chain is created from a vision, developed into a concept, and carried out to perfection by a team of professionals. To ensure high customer satisfaction, each mall is headed by a highly dynamic marketing team and operated by service-oriented and customer-oriented personnel.

    The plaza brings together the best brands in the industry. From dining to recreation, it serves as a one-stop-shop retail complex offering only the best deals and the finest options in every category. It also provides products and services that address every customer’s needs.

    While putting into consideration accessibility, convenience, comfort, safety, security, and fun as core essentials to every mall in its chain, The Hanako Plaza keeps in mind its corporate mantra of improving and making life more meaningful for the people of San Andreas. This is what makes every Hanako Plaza customer experience a way of life that is truly satisfying and enjoyable.

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