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    The Syndicate Allies & Enemies

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    The Syndicate Allies & Enemies Empty The Syndicate Allies & Enemies

    Post by Nathan Park on Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:46 pm

    The Syndicate Allies & Enemies 2T79uZV

    The Syndicate Allies & Enemies

    The Syndicate Allies & Enemies are kept far away from Jack Package's Corporation. When you're with an Allie whom is for 'The Syndicate', Make sure you don't mix it up since you're a completely different person.

    Jack Package's Corporation is a business, therefore they won't have any form of Alliance. Infact, As a business, you should avoid having gang affiliations - particularly with the groups that harm San Andreas the most (E.g. Grove Street, Marina Avenue Crooks, etc.).


    The Syndicate Alliances

    Gangster Discipline


    The Syndicate Enemies

    Grove Street Families
    Marina Avenue Crooks
    Los Santos Vagos


    The Syndicate Neutral

    Hilltop Militia


    If a Gang isn't shown in the list above, they are Neutral with us so we don't have any form of connection with them.

    What is an Alliance?

    An Alliance is an association which is there to bring benefits for us such that when we require assistance from another group of people, they'll be one of the first people to respond. Strict rules formed for these alliances are that: we mustn't take their turfs and land without authorization from their Leaders (R5/6). Additionally, in return for this extra support, we must offer them help when they are in need of it (They'll contact a leader - R4+ - when they're in trouble).

    What is an Enemy?

    An Enemy is an association which acts against us and attempts to bring negative factors amongst all of us. They'll be attempting to destroy this organization and split it apart by raids, kidnaps, etc. - Anything that would be considered against the codes of law. In-return, You will be allowed to raid them as well however you must do that with profession and style (E.g. Parachutes, Snipers, etc.). On no circumstance is anyone allowed to communicate with one from an Enemy's gang unless you personally know them - However, they will not be allowed to enter the Mansion without a High Command's (R4+)'s Authorization.

    What are Neutrals?

    A Neutral relationship means that we don't have a negative or positive side and they have no particular reason to raid us or vice versa. You will be allowed to take over a Neutral's Turf as of your desires but you may have to face the consequences such that they may want to turn against us (i.e. They may want to become our enemies). If a Neutral Gang requests help from us, we may do so but that depends upon the Leader's decision.

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