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    The Syndicate Employee Rosters

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    The Syndicate Employee Rosters Empty The Syndicate Employee Rosters

    Post by Nathan Park on Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:56 pm

    The Syndicate Employee Rosters R9mcYlT
    The Syndicate Rosters

    The list below shows the names of ALL Members of The Syndicate. There are 2 names shown in the Table below and they represent the following:

    JPC (IG) Name - This is your original name which you use generally (Legal Character)
    Syndicate Name - This is a fake name which you use to hide your original identity (Illegal Character)

    If you're unable to view the Rosters from what is shown above, Use the link shown below.

    Rosters Link

    Despite the fact that the Rosters usually come directly from the Control Panel, Your name may have not been added or your rank may not be up-to-date. If that's the issue, please reply to this thread using the following format below to enable a Technician or a Managing/Executive Director to update it within short notce.

    IG Name: -
    Desired Syndicate Name: -
    Current Rank: -
    Previous Rank (If Applicable): -
    Department: Packaging / Security / Retails / Financial
    Timezone: EU/NA/OC

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