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    The Syndicate Uniform

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    The Syndicate Uniform Empty The Syndicate Uniform

    Post by Nathan Park on Fri Feb 07, 2014 3:45 pm

    The Syndicate Uniform 2T79uZV

    The Syndicate Uniform
    Family Skins

    If you're apart of this Organization, You will be expected to change your skin on a regular basis. The reason for this is to maintain The Syndicate Role Play Style whereby 'Jack Package's Corporation' is used as the main front to ensure that all employee's identities remain hidden.


    Getting Family Skin

    STAGE 1
    Head inside a clothes store (Clothes Sign on the Map)

    STAGE 2
    Use [/clothes] to view the list of all the skins available to The Syndicate
    (NOTE: When selecting from this list, It's free of charge)

    STAGE 3
    Select a skin from the list shown ensuring that it's suitable for the place & time


    The Syndicate Family's Skins are as follows - We'd like to request you all to wear one of these skins at all times however if you wish to wear something different (Given that it's formal for a Business), you may do so.

    NOTE: You will need to pay for skins that aren't in the [/clothes] list.

    The Syndicate Uniform KSaGY07

    There is an important Syndicate Policy which needs to be followed (CLICK HERE)
    This Policy briefly explains what uniform is required and when - Mainly directed at the Hoodie Skin (Skin ID 29).

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