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    Roleplay Definition

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    Roleplay Definition Empty Roleplay Definition

    Post by Oldman on Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:04 am

    Roleplay Definition
    In This Guide i will show you all of the Roleplay Definitions

    What is Roleplay
    Roleplay is few actions that we do in the game to act like a real life and to pretend like a character wich in game thats doing a realeastic stuff inside of the game

    the acting out or performance of a particular role, either consciously (as a technique in psychotherapy or training) or unconsciously, in accordance with the perceived expectations of society with regard to a person's behavior in a particular context.

    participation in a role-playing game.

    The Roleplay Contains Many Of The Rules that i will explain:

    • OOC:
      OOC (Out Of Character) is out of game information or shortcuts or stuff that dosent talk about your main character in game that includes the feeling/laughing shortcuts "lol" examples of OOC Stuff:
      1. ((Im 18 years Old IRL))
      2. (( i live in california ))
      3. (( lol ))
      5. (( MG DM RK PG Etc.. ))
      There are alot of specific commands for OOC Chat:1. /b2. /f3. /v4. /o
    • IC
      IC (In Character) Is the actions that you do in game about your in game character that your roleplay and act with it IC have alot of usage in the roleplayer Life Examples Of IC Chat:
      1. Howdy,Im Selling my nice car this sultan!
      2. Im requesting an immediate backup
      3. i live in san andreas
      4. im satsfied i do not wanna eat
      IC is the normal speech it have few specific commands such as:
      1. /s
      2. /br ((Not in always))
      3. /l
      4. /pr
    • MG
      MG (Metagame) Is Mixing both of the IC and the OOC Chats together (Explaintions Above) or using the OOC informations in IC chat Examples:
      1. lol
      2. Q:Where are you - A: ((Coming Wait!))
      3. (( BACKUP ))5. i live in philipness
    • DM
      DM (Deathmatch) is killing someone without  a vaild Roleplay Reason (NOT THE SAME AS KOS)
    • KOS
      KOS (Killing On Sight) it have two meanings:
      1. Killing someone without Roleplaying it
      2. Killing everyone behind you
    • CK
      CK (Character Kill) is killing someone's character and ending it and if that happend to you you MUST change your informations such as:
      1. Family (Quitting it)
      2. Name (Changing it)
      3. Phone (Changing It)
      Everything in your life and start a new life ((Or create new Acc))
    • RK
      RK (Revenge Kill) which is killing that killed you before or coming back to his location / finding him and killing him YOU ARE able to kill him after 30mins ONLY otherwise if that guy killed you in your headquarter or your pride/gang headquarter your able to kill him within 2mins
    • PG
      PG (Powergaming) it got two meanings:
      1. Forcing Someone into another RP
      2. Doing unreleastic stuff toward someone Example: -Robbing someone then frisking him in order to take his money t/do You have 1million in your    pocket you suppose to t/do how much can i find in your pocket thats PG
    • CS
      CS (Car Surfing) Which is moving into the roof of a vehicle and staying onit
    • CR
      CR (Chicken Run) Running Zig-Zag to Avoid Death.
    • CS
      CS (Crack Shoot) a bug that can be done with the weapon (I can show you in game if you want)
    • QS
      QS (Quick Swapping) Which is Swapping/Flipping/Trading weapons to shoot faster using E and Q

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