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    Selling an Weapon to Tanaka

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    Selling an Weapon to Tanaka Empty Selling an Weapon to Tanaka

    Post by TanakaHironaka on Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:34 am

    Hello guys,this video was frasped by Filip Schneider,the leader gang of Seville Boulevard Families.Bloods were chilling at hood when Filip's phone started to ring and he answered. The call was from his old friend Tanaka, that saved him life long time ago. He called Filip to buy Ak47, where Filip said that theres no problem. They agreed to meet at Skate Park. Filip called his homies to come with him and when they arrived at Skate Park they saw Tanaka. Once Filip gave him a Ak47, Tanaka took out an bag from trunk and gave Filip money. After the deal finished Filip and his homies went back to hood.Hope you like this RP Video Smile

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