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    Post by TanakaHironaka on Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:32 am

    23th March 2014,Tanaka has woke up at the afternoon and walked through the Mansion where he noticed a suspecter standing near corner trying to scrounge. He walked towards the suspecter and reached her started talking.She made a afraid expression.At the time,Tanaka started to ask her ''Who are you''?The girl turned her body as she tried to escape from our mansion.At this point,Jack Package Coporation's General Employeer,Brad Simone has went back to our Mansion.He has noticed the suspecter trying to escape as he took out his gun and shot towards suspecter.The girl fell down,Tanaka and Brad moved toward to the suspecter and we verified the suspecter has died.We have searched lots of evidence that Hilltop's spy.Below are the screeshots after we killed suspecter.We placed the corpse at the dilimore where Hilltop's area.

    CORPSE. FD0Fazk
    CORPSE. MqvIv2l
    CORPSE. 41Brxvn
    CORPSE. 1b1derJ
    CORPSE. 2vlBnyM
    CORPSE. Krcqi7L
    CORPSE. TcNejBb

    CORPSE. 2T79uZV

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