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    [DGA] Master Gang Policy

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    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Empty [DGA] Master Gang Policy

    Post by Nathan Park on Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:30 pm

    [DGA] Master Gang Policy 1ooCU

    Department of Gang Management
    Rules and Regulations


    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Pre-Regulation Procedures

    Section 1.0: Procedure for Appeal

    Chapter 2: General Information

    Section 2.0: Breaking Server Rules
    Section 2.1: In the event of a slot holder being banned.
    Section 2.1.1: In the event of a slotholder being unfit.
    Section 2.2: Unauthorized Theme Changes (or Name Change)
    Section 2.3: Raiding Facilities
    Section 2.4: Use of Advertisement
    Section 2.5: Inactivity
    Section 2.6: Criminal Leadership Limitation
    Section 2.7: "Mass Recruiting"
    Section 2.8: "Gang Merges"
    Section 2.9: Theme & Name changes
    Section 2.10: DGA Policy
    Section 2.11: Editing The Gangs Inappropriately
    Section 2.12: Restricted Vehicles has a gang vehicle
    Section 2.13: Meta gaming
    Section 2.14: Spamming
    Section 2.15: General Exploitation
    Section 2.16: OOC Hits
    Section 2.17: Internal punishment of a R5+ after administrative punishment

    Chapter 3: Strike Regulation

    Section 3.0: Strike Conditions
    Section 3.1: Strike Appeal

    Chapter 4: Turf Rules

    Section 4.0: Hiding in a turf
    Section 4.1: Turfs war area limitation
    Section 4.2: Revenge Killing in turfs
    Section 4.3: Number of claimed turfs
    Section 4.4: Roleplay in turfs
    Section 4.5: Vehicle in turfs
    Section 4.6: Turfs are In-Character
    Section 4.7: Usage of interiors
    Section 4.8: One turfs at a time
    Section 4.9: Alt-tabbing while in an active war
    Section 4.10: Gang Skins
    Section 4.11: Roofs in turfs
    Section 4.12: Drive-by in turfs

    Chapter 5: Point Regulation

    Section 5.0: Point War; Out of Character
    Section 5.1: Attacking People Passing By
    Section 5.2: End of Point
    Section 5.3: Roleplaying at Point
    Section 5.4: Attending Point while having 2 Strikes
    Section 5.4.1: Attending Point while having 1 Strike
    Section 5.5: Point Alliance
    Section 5.6: Unaffiliated Individuals
    Section 5.7: Desync Capping
    Section 5.8: Attending Points without intent to Cap
    Section 5.9: Only 3 Points held at one time
    Section 5.10: Identification
    Section 5.11: Vehicle Point Violation
    Section 5.12: Animations
    Section 5.13: Exploiting Commands
    Section 5.14: Multi capping
    Section 5.15: Double capping
    Section 5.16: Gun discharge exploits
    Section 5.17: Temp Ranking
    Section 5.18: General Exploiting In Point
    Section 5.19: Chicken Running
    Section 5.20: Joining a gunfight outside of point
    Section 5.21: Point Capping
    5.22: Sniping into point

    Chapter 6: Point Boundaries

    Picture of the Boundaries for points.

    Chapter 7: General Server Situation(s)

    Section 6.0: Respect
    Section 6.1: The Principles of Revenge Killing

    Chapter 8: Business Rules

    Section 8.0: Businesses for Official Gangs
    Section 8.1: Business Rules

    Chapter 1: Pre-Regulation Procedures

    1.0: Procedure for Appeal[font=verdana]If the accused believes that the decision of a disciplinary action issuer is unjust, leadership for that gang may notify the Director of Gang Management directly at my email: immediately of the decision of the issuer. Such notification shall contain specific reasons for requesting an appeal and shall specify the reasons the accused feels that the decision is unjust. The Director of Gang Management shall set a time were all involved players including the accused are required to meet on the NGG Teamspeak to discuss the incident. The decision of the Appeal is final and not subject to review.

    Chapter 2: Gang Situations

    2.0: Breaking Server Rules
    Anyone who is a gang member found breaking server offenses will be issued a gang warning, and will be punished according to the server rules.

    2.1: In the event of a slot holder being banned.
    If a slot holder gets banned, the Director of Gang Management will use his judgement to decide one of the following: disband the family, force a slot change, or issue one (1) strike. This will depend directly on the Gang itself, and their overall performance within Game Affairs, and the mentioned decision will be up to the Director of Gang Management, with the avail of Game Affairs.

    2.1.1: In the event of a slotholder being unfit.
    If the Director of Gang Management deems a slot holder unfit for his/her position, they may be removed by the DoGM or the (A)DoGA. The DoGM or the (A)DoGA will find a suitable replacement for the slot.

    2.2: Unauthorized Theme Changes (or Name Change)
    Any incident where the name and/or ranks or theme of the gang are changed without authorization from the Director of Gang Management will cause the gang to be disbanded on sight, with the decision only being overruled by the Director of Game Affairs.

    2.3: Raiding Facilities
    Any incident where three or more members of a family are to raid a facility with minuscule amounts of role-play will be classed as Non-Roleplay Behavior.

    Do not get this confused with breaking someone out of prison, which is an entirely different thing, and is allowed with approval from a Game Affairs Representative. (Gang Moderators)

    2.4: Use of Advertisement
    Gangs will not be allowed to use /ads for recruitment although they could create advertisements to promote parties, charities, opened clubs to secretly roleplay hiring people for opportunities to join his or her criminal organization.

    2.5: Inactivity
    Inactivity of a gang will lead to an immediate disbandment, no exceptions. The inactivity will be periodically tracked from the day it has began, after two weeks of observation and if the family activity has not been increased, the family faces the chance of being disbanded at the discretion of the approval by Director of Game Affairs (or Assistant Director of Game Affairs)

    2.6: Criminal Leadership Limitation
    Gangs are only allowed to have 5 Rank 6's. and 10 Rank 5's.
    Failure to abide by this rule will result in the family getting a strike which will last for a period of two weeks.

    2.7: Mass Recruiting
    Where a family leader(s) recruits a Person or people with little to no roleplay. (Exceptions are maid to reinstatement to a gang etc..)
    Mass Recruiting will result in a strike. (Mass Recruiting will be judged and deemed "Mass" by the DoGM+)

    2.8: Gang Merges
    Where two familys merge together to form one, (2 officials merging or 1 unofficial into an official.)
    This must ALWAYS be approved by a GM+ or will be deemed as rule 2.7

    2.9: Theme & Name changes.
    A family may only request a theme and, or name change once every 4 months.
    Any family attempting to break this rule will be punished.

    2.10: DGA Policys
    Policys made and enforced by game affairs.
    Any gangs who do not follow these policy's could be striked.

    2.11: Editing The Gangs Inappropriately
    If a Gang edits the family inappropriately in any way e.g If they edit a division to a stupid name and/or Edit there rank or family name to stupid Inappropriate things.
    Punishment: Gang Strikes and gang bans/warns.

    2.13: Meta Gaming (MG)
    Meta gaming will not get a family a strike however it will result in punishment for the player in question.
    Punishment: Gang warning and up to a hour of jail time.

    2.14: Spamminhg
    Spamming is a server offense and will NOT be allowed in /F, Exception only for R6s..
    Punishment: Gang warning and up to a hour of jail time.

    2.15: General Exploitation
    Exploiting animations, gang leaders command, Points and Turfs rules etc.
    Punishment: Prison Sentence, Gang Warning, Strike

    2.16: OOC Hits
    Placing a contract on another player with an out of character reason, without knowing their name, or with little to no roleplay reason.
    Punishment: Prison Sentence, Gang Warning, Strike

    2.17: Internal punishment of a R5+ after administrative punishment
    In the case that R5+ gets administrative punishment ( only including OOC prison times and bans ) no gang leaders are allowed to internaly punish the rule breaker before the Gang Moderation resolution, as it may lead to a strike able offence. He may be punished after Gang Management resolution is given. Same applys for taking action on yourself after being punished by a administrator.

    Chapter 3: Strike Regulations

    3.0: Strike Conditions
    A family can not be striked under these following circumstances:

    • The gang member that was breaking server rules was released shortly after being prisoned or his/her punishment was appealed/reversed.
    • A strike wasn't issued within a week/7 days of the evidence being posted. (Player Complaints or Gang Complaints)

    A family can be striked under these following circumstances:

    • Multiple members (3 or more) Rank 3 And above break server rules that are warnable at once (Ex: Multiple gang members deathmatching a group of people) Exceptions can be made to this rule at the discretion of the DoGM.
    • Valid evidence (No more than two weeks old) is provided to the DoGM within a reasonable amount of time.
    • A gang leader R5+ breaks a server offense that would normally earn them a warning.
    • A Gang leader R5+ was (gang) banned. This would mean they getting (3) Gang warnings.
    • A Gang leader R5+ Misuses their CMDs to set inappropriate divisions or rank names.(DoGM+)
    • A Gang leader R5+ Get's banned for any server offense .(DoGM+).
    • A gang leader R5+ Inviting a member in a way without roleplaying at all (Mass Recruitment)
    • If a family leader removes a high ranking member ( Rank 5 + ) from the family after he has ben prisoned or banned by a admin before the Gang Management resolution. Same apply's for taking such action on yourself.
    • Breaking Point/Turfs rules or Capping two turfs/ two points or a turf and a point at the same time.
    • Breaking DGA Policies (3 or more) Rank 1 and above

    These rules are just general guidelines. It doesn't mean that they will be punished in this matter. It all comes down to the situation and decision from DGA supervisors.

    3.1: Strike Appeal
    If any family believes that a Strike is unjust, their leadership may notify the Director of Gang Management directly by email: within 72 hours of the Strike being issued. Such notification shall contain specific reasons for requesting an appeal and shall specify the reasons the gang feels that the Strike is unjust. The Director of Gang Management shall set a time where the leader(s) are required to meet on the NGG TeamSpeak to discuss the incident.

    The decision of this appeal is final unless the Strike is overturned by the DoGA or above.[/color]

    Chapter 4: Turf Rules

    4.0: Hiding in turfs
    Being In a while hiding or trying to keep out of sight to delay the timer and avoid death.
    Includes hiding on roofs that aren’t visible to the people down, bridges on top of streets that are considered a part of the turf or any place that is away of the area of the gunfight.

    Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Strike. (3+ members or R5+)

    4.1: Turfs wars area limitation
    When in turf you need to keep the gun fight concealed to a minor location in the turf - Do not create a war across the full turf this will not result in any punishment as we do not want to restrict RP, but if it is repeated members may get gang warned and families may get issued strikes.

    4.2: Revenge killing in turfs
    Gang members aren't allowed to go back to an active turf under any circumstances
    Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Strike. (3+ members or R5+)

    4.3: Number of claimed turfs
    Families have no limit to how many turfs they can own.

    4.4: Roleplay in turfs
    Turfs must be roleplayed whenever claimed or defended, you should In-Charactly claim the turfs, and RP when defending the turf while interacting with the attacking gang.

    4.5: Vehicles in turf
    If you are a gang member in a active turf, then you cannot be in a vehicle this pretty much comes under exploiting If a gang member is seen to be exploiting a vehicle in a turf (eg: Driving around continuously for the timer to pass, or keep shooting using a mp5 from a bike). However if you are just arriving to a turf and are getting out of your vehicle or if you are Driving through it then you are fine to do so. (Screen Shots of people on vehicles are not a valid form of evidence.)
    Punishment: Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Stike (Depending)

    4.6: Turf are In Character.
    Turfs are dealt with just like normal gunfights depending on gang offenses and server offenses, but with some new additions like hiding and the use of vehicles.

    4.7: Usage of interiors.
    You may NOT enter Dynamic doors or houses whilst inside the turf.(You can NOT use a Dynamic door/Backdoor to get on a roof
    Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Strike.

    4.8: ONE turf at a time
    Only one turf can be claimed at a time, if you are caught to be claiming more than one a strike will be issued.
    Punishment: Prison, Strike.

    4.9: Alt tabbing while in an active war
    At no time during an active turf war is any gang member to Tab out of the game or pause, You could be jailed or striked.
    Punishment: Prison, Gang warn. (Strike R5+)

    4.10: Gang Skins.
    Gang members MUST have a gang skin on while taking over a turf for identification
    Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Strike (If rank 5+)

    11: Roofs in turfs
    Gang members aren’t allowed to hide on top of high roofs that aren’t reachable by a ladder or jumping. If you used a Door/Aircraft to reach a roof, you will be punished.
    Punishment: Prison, Gang Warn, Strike (If a R5+ or Multiple members (3 or more))

    4.12 Drive-by in a turf
    Gangs will only be allowed to do drive-bys on turf wars while defending.
    (This is so the people capturing the turf can not abuse the cars while inside turf.) Drive-by policy can be found here

    Chapter 5: Point Rules

    5.0: Point War; Out of Character
    Gangs are allowed to fight without role play and return to the point immediately after they've died. You're not out of character when going back to point when coming from the hospital, or heading to point and must consider anyone attempting to interact with you in a Roleplay manner. You may not enter a point to avoid Roleplay or exploit the point by entering it become OOC. You're free to begin shooting fifteen minutes before the point is available for capture, you are PROHIBITED to begin shooting before fifteenth minute mark (:45). When the point ends, you MUST stop shooting immediately.
    Punishment: Prison Sentence, Gang Warning, Strike (Depending on the situation)

    5.1: Attacking People Passing By
    During points, gangs are not allowed to attack civilians or Law Enforcement Agencies which are only passing by, due to the fact civilians were never meant to be involved in point wars.
    Punishment: Gang Warning, Strike (3+ members and Depending on the situation)

    5.2: End of Point
    Once a point is over, all members must leave the point. If a member is caught staying there and attempting to roleplay or shoot another person after point they will be punished accordingly.(if a gang shoots you at the end of point and you shoot back you ARE at fault.)
    Punishment: Gang Warning, Strike (Depending on the situation)

    5.3: Roleplaying at Point
    Attempting to roleplay or shoot another person after point has ended.
    Punishment: Gang Warning, Strike (Depending on the situation)

    5.4: Attending Point while having 2 Strikes
    Families are NOT allowed to attend points with two strikes.
    Punishment: Strike (Depending on the situation)

    5.4.1: Attending Point while having 1 Strike
    If your family has one strike you are only allowed to hold two points at the same time, and a Rank 6 needs to be present in order to do them
    Punishment: 2 months point restriction and/or Strike ( not mandatory ) (Depending on the situation)

    5.5: Point Alliance
    An agreement in which 2 or more gangs share the same common goal.
    Example: When 2 gangs allow other the other gang to capture or 2 gangs teaming on another.

    Punishment: Strike (Depending on the situation)

    5.6: Unaffiliated Individuals
    Unaffiliated individuals (Non-Official Gang Members) are not allowed at points. If a unaffiliated individual is found to be actively participating in a point then they will be punished.
    Punishment: A kick or jail.

    5.7: Desync Capping
    If someone is found to be capping when they are desynced, lagging, or tabbed, they will be punished (It is your responsibility to know if your lagging/desynced).
    Punishment: Gang Warning, or Strike (Depending on the situation)

    5.8: Attending Points without intent to Cap.
    You cannot attend a point without an intention to cap. This includes attending a point with no rank fives available in your family.
    Punishment: Gang Warning, or Strike (3 or more members.)

    5.9: Only 3 Points held at one time.
    One gang may only hold a maximum of THREE points on the board, meaning if any gang has three points already, they're not allowed to capture any more points unless they're defending a point they've already captured.
    Punishment: Gang Strike

    5.10: Identification
    During point wars, gangs are required to switch to their restricted gang skins for identification purposes.
    Punishment: Gang Warning

    5.11: Vehicle Point Violation
    Anyone's vehicle found parked anywhere inside point boundaries will receive a gang warning and his (or her) vehicle will be despawned without warning.
    Punishment: Gang Warning, Vehicle Despawned or delete Strike if a rank 5 breaks the rule,

    5.12: Exploiting Commands
    When you already attempted to capture the point you can not /capture on it again to prevent other gangs from trying capture it.
    Punishment: Prison, Gang Warning

    5.13: Animations
    You're not allowed to use ANY animations in point.
    Punishment: Prison, Gang Warning, Strike (R5+)

    5.14: Multicapping
    When you attend more then one point at a time.
    Punishment: Gang strike

    5.15: Double capping
    Going in for a cap to prevent other families from /capturing.
    Punishment: Prison Gang, Warn, Gang Strike.

    5.16: Gun discharge exploits.
    ANY gang member is not allowed to crack shoot or quick swap.
    Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Strike.

    5.17: Temp Ranks.
    Gangs will not be allowed to Temp rank members to rank 5+ for POINT or TURF, This also means a Player who receives a R5+ can't claim/capture a Point/Turf in the first 45 Minutes of his promotion.
    Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Strike.

    5.18: General Exploiting In Point.
    You cannot Exploit in a Point - Exploiting will be deemed as abuse of something to gain a advantage in the point. Including the F exploit that allows you to get up after you have died, or using In-Character items that can be used to gain advantage (Except vehicles)*. (Car ramming etc is allowed but too much will be deemed and exploiting)
    *IC items can be: Fireworks to block the cap icon, aircrafts landing inside point boundaries or anything except cars can be used to block the cap icon.
    Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Strike.

    5.19: Chicken Running in point
    You cannot chicken run in a Point - Chicken running will be deemed as abuse of something to gain a advantage int he point and is punishable.
    Punishment: Prison, Gang warn, Strike (if a lot of members)

    5.20: Joining a gunfight outside of point
    You cannot join a gunfight outside of point. If someone is chasing a member of your family outside of the point you are NOT aloud to join.
    Punishment: Prison, Gang warn

    5.21: Capping
    You cannot NOT get vests while capping OR sit in a car!
    You can Not place a vehicle on the capture point to prevent other gangs from capping it, though it can be put around it to defend the capper of a certain gang.

    Punishment: Strike

    5.22: Sniping into point
    Sniping into a point boundary is allowed however if you are frisked and are in a gang attending a point and you have a sniper, the person that frisked you has full right to kill you in or outside point anybody getting involved with the gunfight between you and the person that frisked you will be deemed ads shooting outside a point. You can only shoot into point boundaries with your sniper if you are caught shooting anyone outside of point boundaries then it will be deemed as shooting outside a point. PS: If a gang member was caught with a sniper and was attacked by another gang member, the members in his gang may NOT join the gunfight to help him out and it will be considered joining in fights out of point boundaries.

    Chapter 6: Point Boundaries

    [DGA] Master Gang Policy 255luu0
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy JFhRK1I
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy F10i9g
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Drugfactory
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Zkomjr
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Mf1
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy 2nalcm1
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Drughouse
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Mctfgl
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Mp2a
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy 30hwiko
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Cracklab
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Vpum3o
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Mf2x
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Ffcname
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Ffce
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Sfdname
    [DGA] Master Gang Policy Sfdy

    Chapter 7: DGA Guidelines

    6.0: Respect
    Anyone who disrespects a Game Affairs Representative may receive a punishment. This includes anyone who is a Gang moderator or Faction moderator +. Anyone who disrespects Game affairs staff will be Gang warned, or banned from Teamspeak.

    Server moderators aren't allowed to use their jailing/kicking powers during a point or a turf, post a gang related complaint instead.

    6.1: Revenge Killing Rules
    Thirty minutes of memory lost.

    unable to return to the roleplay scenario from which you were killed, nor are you to attempt to roleplay with the murderer until thirty minutes has passed.

    Gang Members MAY be allowed to return to their headquarters and receive orders to return to the RP but they MUST go to the HQ ONLY and MUST be called for backup.

    6.3: Teamspeak's Official families Sub-channels
    Each family has 2 Sub-channels which should be used only for family issues.
    Sub-channels should have names that make sense, that means you are not allowed to put random, silly names to one of your sub-channels
    Failure to stick to this will result in your sub channels being delete for the period of one week.

    Chapter 8: Business Rules

    7.: Usage of the business Radio
    If the business radio is used ICly by a family, they are prohibited from using it for backup calls unless it was Roleplayed to notify other players that you are using it.

    7.1: Type of Businesses Allowed
    Gang businesses are free and will be given to the slot owner.
    Any issues with Gang businesses should be reported directly to the DoBO
    The gang business will be considered illegal and needs to be used for a role-play cover.

    Gangs are only allowed to have any of the below types as a business:


    • Clothing Store
    • Restaurant
    • Gun Shop
    • Mechanic
    • 24/7
    • Bar
    • Club
    • Sex Shop

    7.1: Business Regulations
    These rules must be followed if you own a DGA Issued business.

    • Gangs are allowed to use their businesses for recruitment. They may only invite them to the business. After a while knowing the member and roleplaying with them they can offer them a gang invite.

    • Advertisements to recruit business workers are allowed but using it in order to directly recruit members to your gang is considered mass recruiting.
    • Anyone found abusing the business in any way will receive punishment depending on the severity.

    These regulations are not permanent and are subjective to be changed and removed by debatable arguments.

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