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    The Syndicate Staff Members

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    The Syndicate Staff Members Empty The Syndicate Staff Members

    Post by Nathan Park on Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:22 am

    The Syndicate Staff Members R9mcYlT
    The Syndicate Staff Members

    The following list shows the various different NGG Staff Positions that people consist of:

    STAFF = (Retired) Administrator / Server Moderator / Community Advisor
    (i.e. Anyone with the power to [/kick] and [/mjail] people In-Game)


    Ali Ryder (R5)
    (RA) Retired Administrator

    Hoshiko Vi. Hanako (R4)
    (JA) Junior Administrator

    Keisuke Hanako (R4)
    (RA) Retired Administrator

    Naru Hanako (R4)
    (RA) Retired Administrator

    Seiya Hanako (R4)
    (GA) General Administrator


    These people will also be treated as high class members of The Syndicate and therefore you must treat them with high levels of respect. Failure to abide to this rule will lead to internal punishment within the family.

    Being apart of Community Helper Team, KLSR, Special Events Committee, Multimedia Team, Beta Team, Gang Commission, Forum Staff or ARC, doesn't mean that you'll be added to this list since you won't have the In-Game powers

    If you're one of those who are thought to be NGG Staff, Please reply to this thread with the following format:

    Full (IG) Name: -
    Staff Position: -
    NGG Forum Account Link: -

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